Order during lockdown

Get product information, quotes, place orders & view swatches during lockdown.


We have steps in place during the lockdown period to help you complete your Sofaworx order and jump to the front of the queue when the lockdown is over.


Why do I need a quote?

Prices of our Sofas, Armchairs & Dining Room Chairs displayed on our website are baseline prices. We can customise the length of our Sofa models to suit the needs of your living space. We also offer an extremely wide variety of fabrics which vary in price. In order for you to discover the exact price of your desired item you will need to communicate with our sales team.


How do I receive a quote?

You can send us a quote directly on our website. Find your desired item on our website and click on the 'add to quote' button on the product page. Fill in your information and we’ll call you back.


Call our showroom managers directly.

If you call a showroom nearest to you, your call will be redirected to one of our managers cellphones and they will be able to assist you.

Fourways JHB

t: +2711 100 4792
Email Andrea Austin for enquiries: [email protected]rx.co.za

Green Point

t: +27 21 418 0363
f: +27 21 418 0321
Email Justin Wragg for enquiries: [email protected]


t: +27 21 914 7090 
f: +27 21 914 5414
Email Justuis Pieterse for enquiries: [email protected]



t:+27 21 702 0351
f: +27 21 701 2396
Email Narriman Kazi for enquiries: [email protected]